Please add your thoughts about The Undelivered Mardle and how churches like Letheringham can continue their enduring role in our communities.

4 thoughts on “Comments

  1. John writes from close observation and far-away knowledge, bringing the two together in such a compelling way as he makes his own discoveries. His story of Letheringham church is an incentive to find new ways to keep places like these alive.

  2. The Undelivered Mardle has led me to discover Letheringham Church, the most magical of places, hidden in a quiet village in Suffolk. John’s writing is wonderful.

  3. What a lovely book! Inspiring – I plan to visit Letheringham this afternoon, and spend a quiet moment or three in and around the church.
    Blessings from Eyke ….

    Stephen [Anglican Church Elder].

  4. Such a lovely book to read, joyful, insightful, gently questioning, occasionally challenging, at times irreverent, revolutionary, full of wonder and humour.

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